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Workconnect: why, where, who ?

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Why use WorkConnect?
WorkConnect by SAP reduces the stress of your hiring process with easy job posting and candidate management. With just one click, your job posting will reach over 50 industry-leading job boards all over the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. To make it even easier, you’ll get notified the moment an application comes in. Then, you can track candidates and collect team feedback on a single platform that is accessible wherever you are. With simple onboarding, you can simplify hiring right away.
What roles can I hire for using WorkConnect?

With WorkConnect by SAP, you can hire for any role in any industry. WorkConnect reaches 150 million job seekers in the United States, so you will have access to plenty of candidates! To give you a better sense of the wide variety of job postings on WorkConnect, here are the most popular jobs:

Office & Administration: Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Customer Service, Call Center Agent, Sales Associate, Account Managers, General Business Manager, Operations Manager, Translators

Finance & Accounting: Accountant, Senior Accountant, Cost Accountant, Actuaries, Finance Manager, Financial Advisor

Manufacturing & Logistics: Machine Operator, Forklift Operators, Warehouse Laborers, Truck Drivers, Warehouse Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Transportation Manager

Human Resources: Human Resources Generalist, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources Business Partner, Sourcer, Recruiter

Information Technology: Project Manager, Software Engineers, Network and Security Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Logistics Software Manager

Engineering: Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Logistics Engineer, Electrical Engineer

Healthcare: Home Health Aide, Physical Therapist, Registered Nurse, Therapy Assistants, Physician, Dietitians, Nutritionists

Where does WorkConnect reach?
We partner with very large international job boards such as Indeed, Neuvoo, Career Jet, Job Rapido, Jooble, StartWire, College Recruiter, Pôle emploi, Jobijoba, US.Jobs, and Adzuna to enable employers to find new employees around the world. The most popular countries in which jobs are posted include: The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Dubai.
Is WorkConnect only for full-time employees?
No. You can recruit for both full-time and part-time roles and even hire on an hourly or contractual basis. With WorkConnect by SAP, it’s easy to find the talent you are looking for, including interns, remote workers or freelancers.
Can I hire SAP consultants with WorkConnect by SAP?
Absolutely! We are leveraging our SAP ecosystem to make it easier to hire SAP consultants or people trained on SAP technologies (S/4 HANA, ECC, Hybris, Ariba, Concur, SuccessFactors, FieldGlass, Business Object, and more) through WorkConnect by SAP. Our job board,, is becoming the largest job board for SAP specialists, including SAP freelancers, consultants, project managers, and business analysts.


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What countries and languages is WorkConnect available in?
WorkConnect is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. It is available in English and French.
How do I access WorkConnect?
WorkConnect is a cloud-based solution, accessible on any device (desktop, smartphone or tablet) through the web brows­er, wherever you have an internet connection. You can access WorkConnect at


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What subscription plans are available for WorkConnect?
WorkConnect is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. It is available in English and French.
How can I pay for my subscription?
You can pay for your subscription (3 months or 1 year) by credit card on the SAP Store. Payment is due upfront. You will receive your invoice via email.
Can I get a refund?
No, we do not offer a refund.
Can I change my subscription level?
You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription level using the My Account area on the SAP Store. An upgrade can be done any time and will be effective immediately. A downgrade can be done any time but will be effective at the end of term because we do not allow refunds..
If I decide not to renew my subscription, what happens to my data?
We will preserve your data for an additional 90 days, in case you decide you want to renew your subscription later. After that period, your data will be deleted from our servers in accordance with our data security and privacy standards.

Job boards

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When I post a job with WorkConnect, where does that job get posted?

When you post a job using WorkConnect, it gets automatically posted to over 50 leading job boards and aggregators, as well as to our own WorkConnect job board. In minutes, this will put your listing in front of thousands of candidates, with only a single click. We also partner with multiple job boards to advertise your job postings so that you can get as many applicants as possible.

We have a number of international partners including: Indeed, Glassdoor, Career Jet, Option Carriere, Oodle, Jooble, Neuvoo, Job Rapido, JobisJob, AdZuna, TipTopJobs, Job Diagnosi, Wizbii, Jobijoba, College Recruiter,, Trovit, Yakaz, and Mitula.

We also partner with top job boards in your country like US.Job, Beyond, Career Bliss, Startwire, Juju, Pôle emploi, Jobs2Career,, Les echos start, L’etudiant, GeoJob, Jobbydoo, Emploirama, Meilleures-Entreprises, Engagement Jeune, Inzejob, Letsdoo, VIP Stage, Cap Campus, Job Help, My Job Manager, and Local'Emploi.

To which job boards is my job posted?
There are over 50 job boards and aggregators integrated with WorkConnect. WorkConnect will automatically post your job to all the job boards that are available based on the location or contract type you’ve identified on the job post.
Can I pick the job boards that my jobs are sent to?
We are doing that for you, you do not need to worry about picking up specific job boards.
Can I request that a job board be added to WorkConnect?
Of course. We value your suggestions, please send us an email at with your request.
How long does it take for my job to show up on a job board?
It depends on the job boards, but as a rule of thumb your job will be posted everywhere in less than 24 hours. For some job boards, it will take only a few minutes.
What is the difference between an aggregator and a job board?
An aggregator is a website getting job postings from multiple sources and multiple countries, they typically have a very large number of job seekers. Job Boards tend to get jobs posting directly from employers and tend to be focused specifically on a country (e.g. France, UK, USA, Canada) or an audience (e.g. Healthcare, Retail, IT, Hospitality).
Do you partner with Craigslist?
No, but you can ask candidates from Craigslist to apply on WorkConnect to make it easier to manage your candidates. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to funnel candidates from other sources into WorkConnect: Manage and Track All Your Candidates, Even Those from Craigslist .
Do you partner with LinkedIn?
We are working on something with them, we will announce it soon. In the meantime, you can easily share your job on LinkedIn by following the instructions in this How To Guide in the Support area of our website: Share a Job on Social Media .
Do you partner with APEC
Not yet! We are working on it.
I do not see my job post in my Pole Emploi recruiter account, is this normal?
Yes, but don’t worry your job is still visible to job seekers. We do not collect your recruiter login details, so your job posting does not appear in your account. We use a specific feed made for partners like WorkConnect called Agregation des offres (ADO) .
How can I view my job on job boards?
The easiest way to find your job posting on each job board is to do a search in Google (or whatever search engine you prefer) for the title of the job post or to visit each job board website (you can find the list by county in above in the FAQ) and search for your job posting.

Managing users

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Who can I add as a user in WorkConnect?
You can add just about anyone you’d like to include in your recruiting and hiring process. All you’ll need is their e-mail address in order to invite them, and they’ll need a web browser in order to access the solution. This makes it quick and easy to add the hiring managers on your team, as well as anyone who will be interviewing candidates and contributing feedback. For step-by-step instructions, check out this how-to guide: Inviting New Users with Ease .
How do I remove a user?
To delete a user, the user status must be in inactive. To deactivate a user click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the tool and select “My account”. Scroll down to User Management and find the name of the user you would like to deactivate. Click on the icon on the right and select “Deactivate”. The user will receive an email notification of the change. Once the user is inactive, click on the same icon again and select “Delete”. If the user status is pending, resend the invitation, then deactivate and delete the user.
The original account admin has left the company, how can I become the new admin?
The best approach is to ask him to assign a different user the role of an administrator. If the person has already left, please email for assistance.

Job posts

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What is an “active job posting”?

A job becomes active once you have posted it to job boards by clicking “Post Job” in the solution. If your subscription includes 5 active job postings, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to posting 5 jobs a month, though. It just means that no more than 5 postings can be active at any one time.

If you fill a posting or no longer need to hire someone for a given role, you can deactivate that posting and it will no longer count against your total. So, although your subscription includes 5 active job postings, you may find that in certain months this allows you to fill more than 5 positions.

How do I post a job?

Simply click “Post a Job” in the main navigation menu inside WorkConnect. Next fill out the form and click confirm. For more detailed instruction, check out our Post A Job How-To Guide. You’ll get notified via email the moment an application comes in.

Here are a few tips for crafting a great job post:

  1. Take the time to add company information in the “Account Information” section within the “My account” area. Add a company description and a link to your website. This will automatically appear in your job posts, saving you time. It also helps to display your company well on the job boards, which is important for marketing your job openings.
  2. Keep the title short but descriptive. You want a title that clearly describes the position but also catches the job seeker’s eye.
  3. In the Job Description field, clearly explain what the job entails. Be specific, but try to keep it brief. Job seekers will likely be searching through multiple job posts and their attention spans are short.
  4. While specifying a salary is optional, we suggest that you include it. This question will come up in the interview process, so it’s best to be upfront about this information to ensure you’re not wasting time on candidates with specific salary expectations that are out of reach.

You can find more great tips in the Recruiting HQ on the WorkConnect website

How do I unpublish a job?
Visit the My Jobs section in your dashboard. Then select the job you would like to unpublish and click the menu icon on the right. Select “unpost” and the status of the job will change to inactive.

Sharing my job posts

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Do you advertise my job?
Yes! We partner with multiple job boards to advertise your job postings so that you can get as many applicants as possible. As of now, we advertise on Beyond, Indeed, Glassdoor, Oodle, Career Bliss, Jobs2Career, Career Jet, Option Carriere, Job Rapido, Jooble, AdZuna JobisJob, StartWire, College Recruiter, Pôle emploi, Jobijoba, and US.Jobs.
How can I share my job posts on my company website?
WorkConnect makes it easy. You can create a WorkConnect widget so all your job posts can be accessed from your own website. Just follow the instructions in this How-To Guide: Embed Your Job Postings on Your Website
How can I share my job posts on social media?
Simple! Just select your job from the “My jobs” section. Then click on the active Job title you'd like to share and click “Share on social networks.” For more information, take a look at this helpful how-to guide: Share a Job on Social Media

Managing candidates

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How do I manage candidates?
You can easily manage candidates throughout the entire end-to-end hiring process. Go to the “My Candidates” section. Use the filters to see an organized view of all the candidates who have applied for your job. As the candidate moves throughout the process, you can change the status of the candidate by moving the candidate card by using the multiple selection or drag and drop. The candidate buckets include the following statuses: New, Viewed, Contacted, Interviewed, Offer Sent, Hired, and Rejected. For more information, check out our how-to guide on how to manage candidates.
How do I contact candidates?
You can send emails directly through WorkConnect. However, all email responses from candidates will be received in your email inbox. You can also send an email to multiple candidates at once. This saves you time when you would like to set up an interview or when a position is filled, for example.
Can I post my job on other job sites, but still manage my candidates through WorkConnect?
Yes, you can still take advantage of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) features in WorkConnect, even if you post to other job sites, like Craigslist. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to funnel candidates from other sources into WorkConnect: Funnel Candidates from any Source into WorkConnect
How can I make the candidates apply directly on my website?
The best way is to put the link to your career page in your job ad.
Is there a limit on how many candidates I can receive?
No! You will receive as many candidates as possible.
How does the Search Candidates feature work? Where are those candidates coming from?

In addition to candidates applying to your jobs, you can also source candidates from the WorkConnect Talent Community. The Talent Community is a database of CVs from job seekers who have registered on the WorkConnect job board.

You can access all of the CVs from our Talent Community by clicking Search Candidates. If you find a candidate that is a good fit for your open role, you can link the candidate to one of your active jobs. To link a candidate to an active job, just click the button labeled “Add to my candidates” in the upper right corner of the candidate’s profile. The candidate will then appear in the My Candidates section under “New”. Please note, the candidate will not be notified that you have added them. You will need to contact the candidate directly to discuss the opportunity and set up an interview.

To join the WorkConnect Talent Community, job seekers need to visit workconnect.ioand register by completing the short form or sign in with LinkedIn. Be sure to check the box at the bottom of the page that says “I want to join the talent community”. Then, upload your CV or resume. That’s it!

Can I import other CV’s to WorkConnect?
No, we do not offer this feature. However, you can easily email a link to your job posting to the candidate you are considering. Also, we encourage you to ask your past candidates to join our Talent Community. Once they have joined, you will be able to access their updated candidate profile. It is a great way to make sure your records are up-to-date.
How can I get more candidates?
Consider modifying your job ad or even repost it to bring it to the top of the list on the job boards. You can also search for a candidate via the WorkConnect Talent Community, where there are qualified candidates at your disposal. We also encourage you to explore the Recruiting HQ for best practices on hiring.
How will I know if someone applies?
You will receive an email each time you have a new applicant.
What should I do if I do not get any candidates?
Consider modifying your job posting. Take a look at our Recruiting HQ for tips and best practices. Also, we suggest that you use the WorkConnect for at least 4-months to accurately evaluate the tool, as seasonality and holidays may affect the number of applications you receive.
I have a lot of candidates. How can I easily find the one I’m looking for?
Just type the name in the search bar and WorkConnect will search the CV library and even within attachments to pull up the candidate’s information.
I received an application that is incomplete. Why is some candidate information not specified?
Some fields in the candidate application are optional, including work experience, address, education level, and desired salary. The candidate can choose not share this information in the application and you will need to contact the candidate for additional details.
What if the candidate applied to one active job, but I think he would be better suited to another open job?
Under My Candidates, click on the candidate, scroll to the bottom of the candidate profile, and click “Link to another active job”.

Team collaboration

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How can WorkConnect help my team collaborate better in the recruiting process?
Once you’ve added users from your team to WorkConnect, you’ll have one place to view your job postings and candidates. You can share candidate ratings, make interview notes, leave comments for your colleagues, and everything will be tracked in one central location. The included activity tracker will give you an up-to-the-minute update on your team’s latest messages and actions.
How do I get my team to provide feedback?
With WorkConnect, you can easily track notes and feedback about each candidate provided by you or your coworkers. Your team will have access to all candidate information, including his/her application and CV. After the interview, they can select a star rating, share comments and notes. The candidate will even receive a general grade based on the average star rating to date from coworkers. For more helpful tips, check out this how-to guide: Gather and Manage Coworker Feedback .


How do I post a job?

We have set up a WorkConnect community to help you. You can post your questions and get answers from our community of experts within 24 hours.

Still have questions? Contact our support team here .